Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You Know You Know Me! (originally published July 20, 2010)

Everybody likes Coldstone Creamery. All different people from all different walks of life.
So many times I end up waiting on people that I haven’t seen in years.
Old teachers, High school friends, old co-workers, old enemies, even people I went to elementary school with.
Usually when I see somebody that I used to know, especially someone I went to school with, all my memories of that person, including their name (first and last) are restored to my brain…
I’m not a stalker I just have a good memory…
When I see this person I remember them instantly and for a moment I can see on their face that they remember me too, so my first reaction is a smile and a familiar “Hi!” Not the normal “Hi, what can I get for you?” But the kind of greeting you give someone you know and haven’t seen in a long time.
But their response after I give them that greeting is usually, “Hi, can I get…” like they forgot all about ever knowing me.
Now I feel dumb because I was actually trying to strike up a conversation and the person obviously doesn’t want to.
This is my thought process, raw and uncensored. Please excuse the improper grammar.
Hey that’s Jane Smith! We were in Ms. Paul’s class together in fifth grade
We used to sit next to each other. She took my pen that one time, then I took it back and she told Ms. Paul that I stole her pen.
Oh yeah, now I remember. I hated her.
Oh well, I’ll say hi anyway.
Mhmm... She’s just gonna act like she doesn’t know me? That’s cool.
Now I look dumb trying to be all nice. We ain’t that old. 5th grade wasn’t that long ago! 
Why you frontin’ girl! You know you know me!
So then I just go through the process of waiting on the customer like I never knew them.
I ring them up, “Have a nice day!” I say, and that’s that.

Or there is another scenario…
 Maybe she really didn’t remember me.
Something to ponder I suppose…

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