Thursday, January 6, 2011


If you haven't already, read this article.

When I read this article I was ENRAGED!

Colorism can be defined as discrimination based on skin color. I wrote a 9 page paper on this very topic for my African-American History class and it is a subject of black history that has always intrigued and boggled my mind.

It is no secret that light-skinned women are put on a pedestal by the media in today’s society and it is also nothing new. The division between light and dark-skinned African-Americans dates all the way back to slavery.

Most of us know the story:

Lighter skinned slaves, usually the offspring of the slave master, were commonly house slaves, while darker skinned slaves labored in the fields. The animosity between dark and light skinned black people grew from there. After slavery was abolished the tension lingered and there was a separation between the two groups. Tests were created to determine who was “fit” to be accepted into certain clubs and churches. The brown paper bag test, for example measured a person’s skin hue against a brown paper bag. If your skin was darker you were not accepted. In another test, establishments would hang combs in the tops of doorways and if a person walked through and their hair snagged they were not admitted entrance.

Today, perhaps we aren’t doing these types of tests but how much has really changed? The majority of women we see in magazines, movies and music videos are light skinned. What does that say about how society as a whole views black women? To me it says: “Black women are not pretty unless they look as close to white as possible.” As a black woman, this offends and quite honestly hurts my feelings.

When I heard the song, “Right Above It,” I was offended by the line where Lil’ Wayne says that a black woman would look better “red,” or light-skinned. From then on he was on my bad side, but after reading that interview he is UNDER MY SHOE! That’s how little I think of him.

If I could speak to Lil’ Wayne, this is what I would say to him:

Hey IDIOT! Do you understand the hate in what you just said about your daughter? And do you understand the negative effects your statements are going to have on her when she hears them??? You just called her ugly! You are the reason little girls walk around hating the way they look and wanting to bleach their skin!! I hope parents stop allowing their kids to listen to your music(not that they should have in the first place since your lyrics are shear senselessness) because ignorance is contagious and I wouldn’t anyone gaining their view of what beauty is from you. Not to mention you yourself are a dark-skinned! So what your crude comments really say is, “I hate the way I look and I wish I was closer to Drake’s complexion.” I feel pity for you. Either get yourself together or stop speaking altogether!

If I could speak to Lil’ Wayne’s daughter I would tell her this:

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! And don’t let your father or anyone else tell you that your dark skin makes to any less beautiful then the Mixed, Puerto Rican, Asian, or White girl standing next to you. Don’t let them take away the love you have for yourself.

I realize I’m not a dark-skinned female but I’m offended all the same. I’M SICK OF THIS SELF HATE! So let it be known that from this moment forward I STRONGLY DISLIKE Lil’ Wayne and I AM AGAINST HIS MUSIC AND WHAT IT STANDS FOR.

….Whew! I feel better now! 

If anyone would like to read the paper I wrote for my history class I’ve attached a PDF below. Take a look if this topic interests you too.

The Stain Bleach Wont Remove