Friday, November 5, 2010

The Natural Diaries... Entry #2

How I've Been Wearing My Hair

If I Go Natural, Will Guys Still Like Me?

Before deciding to go natural, I asked myself that question time and time again. I believe that was one of the reasons I was so afraid to do so in the first place.

What if guys don't find me attractive anymore?

Although I haven't let that question stop me, I think it's still something I'll struggle with and continue to ask myself until I've completed the whole the process.

I expressed those feelings to a co-worker who was already natural. She said, "Guys will still be attracted to you. You'll just attract a different kind of guy. A more mature guy."

Her response certainly makes me feel better and makes a lot of sense.
Typical guys, if they date black women at all, will probably want someone with long, straight, relaxed hair. Someone who doesn't look as "ethnic" as perhaps someone who doesn't get perms.

And at first I was like "Oh no! No one's gonna think I'm pretty anymore." But now I ask myself, "Did I want those shallow guys in the first place?"

No! The answer is no! Who wants someone who only wants you because you look like everybody else in the world? I don't! I want someone who wants me because I'm different. Because I'm not like any other girl he's ever met. I want someone who's as deep as I am. Who is also different from the "typical guy." I want a Man not a boy.

So I can't wait to be natural and attract some real guys who are worthy of me! The REAL me.