Monday, December 27, 2010

The Natural Diaries... Entry # 3


Okay people. This whole natural business is really getting to be a pain in the butt!

Do you understand what it's like to wash my hair??? DO YOU??!!

The thing that makes it so difficult is the fact that it's half permed hair and half natural hair, which of course I anitcipated but Gracious Goodness!

It's soo hard to comb! And don't even think about blow drying it!

I'm even scared to go to the Dominicans now because I'm afraid they can't handle it! I have this strong feeling their gonna be like, "Um... Honey, This is gonna cost you extra." I already had one bad experience with a very rude Dominican hair stylist tell me, "Mami, you need a perm." I was like, "Actually, I'm trying to go natural so..." She said, "Mmm..." Needless to say I won't be going back to that particular salon but I'm worried even the nice Dominicans will look at me like I'm crazy.

The transition phase has forced me to broaden my horizons, and look into new options for my hair.

I used to be one of those girls who was against fake hair. I was like "no that's not me! I only wear my own hair because I'm real!"

Well, let me tell ya. That girl is GONE!

This new girl has discovered the world of half wigs, lace fronts, and oh yes WEAVES! This new hair realm is actually quite awesome! It's like, I don't even have to do anything with my hair for it to look done. It's amazing!

The first time I wore my half wig, I was very nervous about the reactions I was going to get. But when the overwhelming majority saw my hair I got a lot of compliments! I also made a PROFOUND DISCOVERY!

My discovery is this:

When Black people saw my hair they said, "Oh my gosh! I love your hair!"
When White people saw my hair they said, "Oh my gosh! That's not yours is it?"

It happened time and time again. One White lady even looked at me, pointed accusingly and said, "That's not your hair!" I was like, "Umm, Shut Up."

I truly appreciate how Black people have this unspoken bond, "I know it's not yours, but who cares! It's looks great on you!" Thank you Black people.

It's ok though. I understand that the Black women's hair perplexes White people to know end. They just want to learn. They don't understand that asking or shouting, "IS THAT YOUR HAIR???" Amongst a group of people is rude and rather embarrasing. It's alright. I forgive you. A little tip for my White readers though: The next time you feel the urge to ask someone, "Is this your hair?" DON'T! Just tell them it looks nice or don't say anything at all, and go on about your business.

The next hair option I'm going to try is a weave. I'm quite excited about it actually! And i'll be sure to upload photos. If it looks good that is.

Until next time!