Sunday, August 15, 2010

Who Should Be Allowed To Use The "N" Word?

So the other day I was listening to the Russ Parr Morning Show and they played a clip of this Dr. Laura woman giving a Black woman, in an inter-racial marriage, advice about how to handle the racist comments of her husband’s white friends.

After telling the woman that she was being too sensitive about race, she proceeded to spew out the “N” word, a total of 6 times, asking why it’s only ok for black people to use it?

This is not a new question. This argument has been had many times with many different answers.

“It depends on how you say it!”

"No, white people can’t say it at all!”

“Nobody should say it. Period!”

After listening to the audio and discussing it with my friend she made an extremely valid point, but before I tell it, let’s discuss both sides of the issue.

I totally understand why those who are not black don’t get whole the concept of the usage of the “N” word.

It is true. Black people use it ALL THE TIME! In rap songs, in movies, in daily conversation, and it’s nothing. It’s the norm, so to speak.

My question is why call yourself something that you don’t want someone else to call you?

We set the example of how to treat each other. Those not in our race, learn how to interact WITH US, FROM US! So if black people are calling each other the “N” word left and right, everybody else is going to notice and be like, “Ohhh that’s how we’re supposed to talk to them! That’s how we can relate to them better. That’s the kind of language they understand.”

Eliminating the possibility that a white child has racist parents who use the “N” word regularly, where do you think white kids, in this day and age, learn how to use the “N” word in context?....





Rap songs, movies, and everyday conversation is where they learn to call us the words that we don’t want to be called. So, since we’re the ones teaching them, can we justifiably get offended when they do what they’re taught?

Catching my drift?...

Now back to the valid point my friend made and the other side of the issue.

When one fat friend calls the other fat in a joking manner, it’s ok. But if a skinny person calls a fat person fat in ANY manner, it’s rude.

If I’m going on about how my mother gets on my nerves and I say, “My mother is so dumb!” That’s one thing. But if you say, “You’re mother is so dumb,” I’m gonna look at you like…


“Don’t talk about my mother like that…”

My point is, people who are of the same group or who can relate to each other on a certain level, like friends, family, or even race can say certain things that people who are not a part of that group cannot.

This is how some black people feel about the use of the “N” word. Like if there’s a group of black people vibin’ and they throw the “N” word around and they’re laughing and having a good time but then a white person comes over and is like, “Whats up my n-“ it’s like you can hear the record stop. It throws off the flow a bit, ya know what I mean?

Now that I’ve explained both sides, I’ll share my personal opinion on the matter.

Personally, I don’t believe the “N” word should be used by anyone at all. I just think it’s a bad word all around that still carries the negativity of it’s origin.

Not to say that I’ve never used the word in my life, but as a general rule, I try to stay away from bad words in general.

That’s my stance on the issue.

I digress…

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Adventures in NYC!... The Beautiful, The Magical, and the Weird...

So this weekend I took my fourth and absolute BEST trip to New York City.

As everyone already knows, New York is a beautiful and Magical city.

What’s also no news to anyone is that if you visit New York, you’re bound to see some interesting things…

For example, the most entertaining things always happen in the Subway.

Riding the subway is one of those things I look forward to when I come to NY. This may sound strange to the native New Yorker, but whenever I ride it, I really bask in it because it makes me feel like a New Yorker myself. I just feel so darn cool!


Every time I go to New York, it never fails that most of my laughs are had on the subway.

On my last trip, there was an elderly, blind man walking up and down the train car with his bucket in one hand and his cane in the other singing, “IF YOU WANT MY BODY AND YOU THINK I’M SEXY, COME ON SUGA LET ME KNOW!”

This most recent trip was no such letdown! On my second day in the subway I sat next to this woman and her baby. This baby was two things that I don’t like the babies I sit next to, to be.

1. Dirty!
2. Bad!

Alright now when I say dirty, I don’t mean he stunk, or that his clothes were a mess. I mean his face and hands were covered with food crumbs.

And this subway was packed, so I was sitting rather close to this woman and her child. And the baby kept looking at me…

I just kept thinkin’, “That baby better not touch me…”

And then little bad thing was beating up his mother!

He kept punching her in the head and smacking her in the face.

You know how awkward it is to sit next to a person while they’re getting beat up?

She kept saying, “No! No! You don’t beat your mommy up!”

Then he would smack her in the face and laugh again.

I just looked away… Pretended I didn’t see…

Hey, what could I do?

Tisk. It’d be a shame if I had witnessed the onset of domestic violence…

So on my third and final night in NY these three ladies got on the subway and two of them sat down while one was still in the process of getting into her seat. Then, suddenly, the train pulled off while the woman was in mid-stand, and she fell over onto the man next to her. And I mean she fell ONTO THIS MAN! Her whole butt was in this guy’s lap.

Me and my group of people were sitting right across from the ladies when the two sitting down busted out laughing.

Me and my friend were already trying our best not to laugh but when we saw them laughing we busted out laughing too.

You know how hard it is not to laugh when you’re actually TRYING not to laugh.

Well the whole ride we were TRYING not to laugh but nothing helped. Well looking at the poor lady looking embarrassed helped a little…

Ok, not really…

We laughed at this poor woman the whole ride back to the hotel, but it made us feel better that her friends were laughing right along with us.

Mm mm mm… Poor lady…

All in all, my trip was AMAZING! I took a couple tours, went to Madame Tussaud’s and best of all got to make some great new friends.

Look out New York! You might just have a new resident blogger on your hands!