Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Excuse me sir... You have a little something hanging there..."

Hypothetically speaking...

How do you tell a customer they've got a little something hanging from their nose?

I mean, quite honestly, it's hard enough telling a friend they have something in their teeth, or on their chin becuase a lot of times they think you're being smart. They get embarrassed and then they get a little attitude like,

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Umm I just did..."

"Ok but you let me walk around with that on my face this whole time!"

"I just saw it. And besides, I didn't tell you to be a sloppy eater."

Anyway, telling a friend something that simple is difficult enough, but telling a CUSTOMER that they have a BAT IN THE CAVE... That's a whole other level.

There's a lot of different scenarios here. Many different questions.

Do I stop him in the middle of his order and tell him? Do I wait until I'm making his ice cream. Do I wait until I hand him his ice cream? Do I wait until we get to the register?

And then their's a bunch of other questions...

And how do I actually come out and say it? Do I go for the extra polite- "Excuse me sir, you have a little something right there." Do I make a sly hand gesture? Or do i go for the blunt- "Ey yo, you got a boogie."

What if he gets mad? What if he thinks I'm rude? What if he didn't want me to tell him? I mean in actuality, I'm just trying to help you out. I'm sorry, I didn't realize you valued that boogie.

So now here I am, trying to accomplish a public service, and this man doesn't like it! How is he going to show his unappreciation you ask?? He's not going to tip us! After all I went through. The stresses and emotional turmoil of deciding whether or not to let you know about that little dangly thing ya got there and you don't think I deserve a tip... Alright... That's fine...

So I've come to a conclusion...

I'm not telling! If a customer just so happens to have a little something extra on their face, they won't be informed by me. Yep... They can just walk around with that little piece of nose jewelry.

I digress...


  1. lol, a piece of nose jewlery, gud job brenda, always an accomplished writer

  2. I like "Ey yo, you got a boogie", add the hand gesture.